Tree Gifts


Most of us understand the importance of trees, and their countless benefits to our precious planet. Many eco-conscious couples are now using tree sapling gifts as wedding favors. These tree gifts work very well when the majority of the guests live in the same region. However, when guests travel from different climates, those trees have a much lower rate of survival, if the selected saplings are not indigenous to their area. The same premise applies to tree themed gifts at corporate events. Nevertheless, to give a tree as a gift, is a gift to our entire planet, and a gift to future generations.

With the increased awareness and concerns around hot topics such as Global Warming, corporations are now looking for eco-conscious gift ideas for their promotional products. Gifting sustainable presents is a great way for corporations to let their customers know that they care about more than just their bottom line. While some have tried Tree Sapling Gifts to accomplish this goal, mailing the right tree seedlings that will thrive in the various geographical climates of the country, is not a project that is often implemented easily. There is also urgency for the recipient to plant the tree quickly, to ensure the tree survives. Sometimes these grand gestures end up causing more harm than good, as valuable tree seedlings end up dying, instead growing into the environmentally friendly gift they were intended to be.

Tree Gifts

Send a Tree Gift

Sending a tree gift is still possible, but not in the traditional fashion originally sought out. Instead of gifting a tree seedling, why not have a knowledgeable and passionate group plant the tree for you? If you’re looking for the perfect tree themed gift, or eco-friendly promotional product for your company, then consider a 1 Tree Mission® Bracelet. Mailing the all natural, handmade semi-precious stone bracelet to the recipient will be much easier and 1 Tree Mission® will have one tree planted for each bracelet, in the location it’s needed most. The gift recipient can be proud to wear these recycled cord bracelets, and know that a tree has been planted as their gift to the planet. If you’re looking for tree gift ideas, these tree bracelets are the absolute perfect present.