Planting Trees - Saving Lives℠ Events

Planting Trees - Saving Lives℠ Events
1 Tree Mission® is working together with local communities, and volunteers to plant trees to shade our cities and parks.  These tree planting events help raise awareness of how important trees are to our planet.  Through the sale of the 1 Tree Mission® Bracelets, we will be planting as many trees as possible, engaging communities, working together with passionate volunteers to plant trees where they are needed most!
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Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach, FL October 12, 2019
Passionate 1 Tree Mission® Volunteers planting trees at Quiet Waters Park
We're doing it for their future!
After 40 years, each tree will have taken 1 ton of carbon out of the air!
Smiling volunteers carrying a Live Oak Tree to it's new home.
1 Tree Mission® Volunteers - ready for the day!
Heading onto the nature trail of Quiet Waters Park.  These trees will help shade the trail, while taking carbon out of the atmosphere, and replacing it with oxygen.