Top Ten Fun Tree Facts

1 Tree Mission Fun Tree Facts
  1. Some trees can change their gender from one year to the next, producing male or female flowers from year to year.


  1. The term “Knock on Wood” traces back to the ancient pagan cultures, who believed that spirits and gods lived inside the tress.


  1. Large Oak Trees can drink up to 100 gallons of water in a single day. And a Giant Sequoia Tree can drink up to 500 gallons per day!


  1. The Manchineel Tree, the most poisonous tree in the world, is found in Florida. The apple like fruit, bark, and even the leaves can be deadly, and our rumored to have killed the famous explorer, Ponce de Leon.


  1. Only 1% of tree is living, while the other 99% is composed of non-living structural wood cells.


1 Tree Mission Fun Tree Facts

  1. If you get lost in the wood, trees can help you find your way. In the northern hemisphere, moss will grow on the northern side of the tree trunk, where there is more shade.


  1. Trees have the ability to talk to each other by releasing chemicals through a network of soil fungi. . When a willow is attacked by worm, it warns other nearby trees to produce more tannin.  Others emit chemicals to attract birds that will eat caterpillars, and warn their neighbors to do the same.


  1. Did you know the rings in a tree not only reveal their age, but also major environmental events, such as severe droughts, floods, or even volcanic eruptions?


  1. An average tree can provide enough oxygen to support up to ten people per year.


  1. Some of the oldest trees in the world, the Giant Sequoias in California, are thought to be up to 5,000 years old.


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