Dedicate a Tree

A tree symbolizes life.  Shortly after germinating from a seed, it’s roots anchor itself to the ground, and it’s branches begin growing towards the sunlight.  Many of us have desired to plant a tree as a gift, but not sure how to go about doing so.  If you’d like to dedicate a tree, to a friend or loved one, there’s now an easier way, which will also provide them with a constant and physical reminder of this gift, each time they look at their wrist.  Each purchase of a 1 Tree Mission® bracelet, will fund the planting of a tree.   A gift for the recipient, our precious planet, and for future generations.


Shop online now, and choose from a variety of handmade, all natural stone bead bracelets.  Each bracelet is made with recycled cord, and individually packaged on premium eco-friendly Kraft Paper.  The upscale packaging describes the symbolism of each stone, and how it relates to the tree, our planet, and direct tie-ins to living a positive life.  Each variety of bracelet features a single Emerald Jasper stone in the center, representing the tree, and living an ecologically aware lifestyle.  Depending on the bracelet you select, the gift recipient will also find stones which represent qualities such as  “will power”, “creativity”, “positive thinking”, “patience”, “vision” and more.


Don’t purchase another gift which will end up in a drawer, unused, or worse, in a landfill.  This birthday, or special occasion, purchase a 1 Tree Mission bracelet, and dedicate a tree in the name of that special person.   Or dedicate a tree in memory of a special loved one.  Proudly wear the bracelet yourself, and a tree will be gifted to mother earth.


dedicate a tree